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Day 34: A Stadium Pizza for the Big Game!

I kind of wish I were having a Super Bowl party, just so I could order The Stadium Pizza!

A 18×26 pizza full of fresh ingredients: fresh mozzarella, perfect sauce, delicious crust. Yum!

Where can you find this amazing pizza? Salerno’s, of course.

The Salerno family brought their incredible family recipes here from Italy in 1957. In 1966, brothers Joseph, Arnaldo, and Vincenzo opened their first Salerno’s location in Berwyn. It was an instant hit.

Since then, they’ve opened four more locations, all still committed to the freshest ingredients for their delicious recipes.

Want just a slice? For $5 you’ll get “slice” and a drink- though be ready to share- a slice is 1/4 of a 16″ pizza. My favorite slice comes from the Sicilian: olive-oil, fresh mozzarella, & roma tomato pizza. Gluten-free crusts are an option too.

Not in the mood for pizza? Their pasta dishes are just as delicious. All of the pastas on the menu are also available in a 1/2 portion. I had a half portion of the
linguine with shrimp & broccoli for around $7 and still had plenty to take home.

So, before the big game starts, call for your delivery. No location close to you? The next generation of Salerno’s are soon following in their parents footsteps and opening a few more locations soon.

Who delivers your favorite pizza?

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