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Day 35: English Food Favorites and more requests!

I love that people are writing in with requests! From finding English food favorites, to vegan restaurants, to figure skating shops. Keep the requests coming & I’ll keep you updated with discoveries.

For Caroline who moved to the States from England, I think I found a solution for you!

Caroline is missing a taste of home, especially proper English sausages (bangers?) and teas. England is one country I’ve never been to and am certainly not a good judge of authentic English food. But, Caroline, I think I found a spot for you…

Spencer’s Jolly Posh Foods.
image image

They are located in Chicago, but some of their products are available at a few local markets (Standard Market is the closest to you). You can also order online.  Let us know if they really offer “proper” English foods! Readers, any other suggestions?

Tonya has decided to go Vegan.  Unfortunately, the suburbs have limited options for vegan restaurants. So, I said I’d do a little digging for her. The first one that came to mind is Thanks Jordan RAW Vegan Cafe in Lockport. I have been there once and am actually planning on going later this week, so I’ll give a more complete review then.

Borrowed Earth Cafe is another fairly close option. I haven’t been there yet, but it’s on my list to try next time I visit Lemon Tree Grocer! I know several readers are vegan, what are your favorites?

Of course, I should mention that Favor the Earth has a huge assortment of vegan nail polish, lip gloss, and candies!

Still on my list to find is a furniture reupholsterer and a figure skating shop. You know I love a challenge, any other products/services you need?

Coming up this week…a great book store, more on the vegan cafe, and some BIG news!

Day 30: I Swear I Do More Than Eat!

Honestly. Before this challenge I grocery shopped maybe once every 10 days.

Maybe shopping small is giving me a glipse of living in Europe where people actually shop for fresh food every few days!

Good for us, though, because it’s leading us to some cool spots. Then again, my family recalls past vacations based on where we ate; and plans other vacations based on restaurants we want to try.

I loved today’s spot. And, since my son’s indoor baseball practice isn’t too far from there, I’ll be in the area a few more times.

I bring you…

Granted it feels a little “hipster,” but it gave this suburban mom a few minutes of imagining to be trendy, living in the cool condos above Lemon Tree Grocer.

While they pretty much carry everything you would need for day-to-day groceries, the focus is their deli, artisanal cheeses, and butcher. I was incredibly impressed with their prices for Boars Head deli meats and responsibly raised (no growth hormones, grass-fed, you know the drill) chicken and beef.

Don’t feel like cooking? They have a nice selection of prepared meals with FRESH and REAL ingredients.

Need to pick up dessert? Though I didn’t get any today, they looked delicious. Gluten-free or vegan? They have amazing options for you too.
Kids with the sitter? Pick up a bottle of wine (or beer if you’re hanging out with me) and some cheese.

Need a gift basket? You could go to town here with any theme.

The staff is extremely friendly and helpful- they’ll even walk you to the product which you know I love so much.

Lemon Tree Grocer also has a cafe, Zest Cafe. Don’t worry, the cafe is set off to the side so it doesn’t have the creepy feel of people shopping next to your table. The menu lunch/dinner specials change daily, and it was still fairly packed when I was there after lunchtime. There’s a Saturday/Sunday brunch with a Bloody Mary bar & champagne cocktails, anyone game?!

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