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Day 27: How does this look?!


This week’s delivery!

Although I had sporadically used Door to Door Organics last year, I couldn’t resist the buy one get one free offer they sent me at the beginning of the year.

One disadvantage to shopping organically, and locally, is that coupons are few and far between. So, I’m happy using them whenever I can!

In this case, all of the produce was FREE!

Yep, all I paid for were the chicken breasts, peanut butter packets (great for
“emergency snacks!”), the Boulder Canyon chips, and the brick of cheese!

So, this week we tried
Zeppe’s Italian Market: a small deli & to-go meals with a few shelves of Italian staples.
Fruitful Yield: discounted vitamins and healthy foods- very knowledgeable employees- a must for those with food allergies or sensitivities.
Trader Joe’s: yes, I couldn’t resist. Not truly small, but it is one of my favorites!
Dentist, Dr. Mark Curcio: Nervous about having your choppers checked? He’s your guy.
Posh Boutique: A great women’s consignment shop with both resale and new clothing, purses, and jewelry. All in a welcoming boutique setting.
Fat Ricky’s: A good choice on those occasions you want to over-indulge with super-cheesy sandwiches. Not healthy, but fresh ingredients.

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Day 12: My top 3

Right now it’s the calm before the storm.

My son’s hockey season is over, baseball season is just kicking off. My daughter’sswim team season is down to its final 6 weeks. Once baseball is in full swing (no pun intended!), our weekends are packed.

I sincerely enjoy rare lazy weekends of no games, no meets, just a couple of hours practice.

Aside from another visit to the library, today was pretty low-key.

I had some great small business experiences this week, so I’ll recap my favorite 3 businesses of the week.

1- Door to Door Organics: When I wrote about Door to Door on Wednesday, I loved the convenience of local, organic food delivered right to my door. Now that we’ve eaten a bunch of the food, I’m even more hooked. Cara Cara oranges are a favorite in our house; there’s only a small window during the year that they’re available. The Cara Cara’s from Door to Door were juicy and delicious, and the same price I saw advertised in a large chain grocery ad. The 100% organic grass fed ground beef was sourced from a farm in Wisconsin: $12 made 7 burgers. Without french onion dip, I’m not a fan of potato chips. They would never be my go-to snack choice. That was until I tried Boulder Canyon All-Natural (gluten-free) Potato Chips. Goodnight, Gracie. Lets just say these chips didn’t make it to the kid’s school lunches.

2- Little¬†Popcorn Shop– 90 years of popcorn making can’t be wrong! The whole shop is only as wide as the front door and is a favorite of kids and adults. Pick your favorite “penny” candies from the rows of jars on the wall, and grab a bag of popcorn! Expect a line, but don’t worry, it moves quick. No website, but you’ll find it under the red awning at 111 1/4 Front Street, Wheaton, IL 60187

3- Blackberry Market– How could I not mention the place that created the best blueberry muffin ever?! Blackberry Market is still in its early stages, they haven’t even had a grand opening yet. But, locals are already treating it like a well-treasured gem. Looking forward to trying more off the menu, if I can make it past the bakery! Take-out dinner is in the works, and I’m hoping the “market” part grows a bit more.

I know one reader decided to try Door to Door for its small-boxed produce options. Which ones did you try?

Day 9: Door to Door Organics

Someday I will happily live within walking distance to a cute little flower shop, farmer’s market, and a bakery with fresh bread.

I’ll have a basket on my bike & I’ll never have to drive again. Bliss.

Seriously, I hate driving. The exception- gorgeous summer days, the windows down, and music blasting as I cruise along the highway. Other than that, I can do without driving.

That’s why today’s delivery was perfect: Door to Door Organics. ¬† Awesome!

Essentially, they’re a farmer’s market brought to your door. They have assorted sizes of fruit/veggie boxes (substitutions are allowed) as well as groceries, dairy, and meats.

Aside from delicious (and mostly organic) produce, virtually everything is from midwest farms. And the best part- they brought it all right to my door!

A week’s worth of groceries for $70!

I have to admit, so far I’m a little surprised that I’m spending less on groceries shopping small & local this year than I did last year at the grocery stores.

I’m not certain if it’s because I haven’t had to replace staples yet (flour, sugar, cereal) or if it’s because I’m getting more creative with using what’s in the house. Normally, if I’m missing an ingredient I’d run to Target & pick it up, along with a bunch of crap I didn’t need. Now, I look for a susbtitution I have on hand.

Although it’s kind of a pain in the ass to plan every meal a week in advance, it is really nice to avoid the “I’m starving- what are we having for dinner” frenzy.

Want to know what’s on the menu?

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