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Day 15: Best Boys Clothes!

UPDATE (10/3/13): I’m not certain what is going on with the actual store, it was very empty the last couple of times I was in. However, they’re website is still up and offering great deals!

Today started with a quick trip back to Tischler’s & Peter Rubis.

My kids were hungry for ribs & since we haven’t had them for a couple of months I agreed. Unfortunately, there weren’t any in the display case at Tischler’s. So, I asked the man working if they happened to have any- and he said he’d be happy to cut some for me. Gross- but fantastic! Love their customer service.

I kind of over-did it at Peter Rubi’s,
image but everything has been so good. Plus, my skin doesn’t look so great, so I needed some avocados (don’t know why eating avocados helps my skin, but not complaining!).

At least shopping hungry led to more veggies instead of junk food.

On to Red 21. By far the best clothing store for boys. My son was never a “teddy bear” or “cutsie” type of boy. He’s had a ball in his hand or wheels/skates on his feet since he was two…sadly I’m really not kidding. What we have saved not buying toys for him (very few ever interested him), we’ve made up in hockey fees. Red 21 carries mostly Wes & Willy which is incredibly soft and tagless (very important for kids that hate scratchy tags/fabric). Even though he’s a “sports” kid, I’m not thrilled about Nike or Adidas splashed across everything he wears. These shirts have great sports themes without promoting any specific teams. Not a sporty family? Don’t worry, they have plenty of pirates, dinosaurs, dogs, rock & roll, and preppy too. But, these clothes come with a bit of a price tag- $35 for an everyday shirt is a bit much for me. That’s why I watch for their 75% off sales (2-3 times a year). Word of warning, go the day it’s advertised. I waited 3 days and there was nothing in my son’s size (10-12). This is the one I really wanted, only in navy:
image 3T was the only left *sigh*

The only other non-chain store in this 30+ store “mall” is Barbara’s Bookstore. It’s definitely not “The Shop Around the Corner” but it’s ok. The youngest employee seemed most familiar with the books I wanted and had some decent recommendations, but they didn’t have them in-stock. The do have a decent selection of unique magazines, but it didn’t have a cozy, curl-up and read kind of atmosphere: I felt more claustrophobic & anxious.

Any recommendations for a favorite bookstore?

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