Shop Small 2013

A 365 day challenge

Day 33: Adding a kick with olive oil…

If anything, this challenge is forcing me to plan ahead. I’m already trying to figure out 4 birthday gifts for later this month!

Anyway, I’m running low on olive oil (an everyday staple in my house) and know a quick trip to Trader Joe’s probably isn’t a solution.

So, I decided to try the new shop in town, Olive Gallery.

If you’re looking to kick up your dinners a notch, they have every flavor of olive oil and vinegar imaginable. Granted it comes a price, they aren’t cheap. But, I don’t consider these “everyday” olive oils either. It’ll be a special recipe that calls for Vermont Maple Balsamic Vinegar- thankfully there are plenty of recipe cards available too. Shrimp sautéed in the lime olive oil just may take me out of my cold weather funk!

My favorite olive oils, though, come from another local company. They, however, don’t have a store front. You can often find them at summer farmer’s markets and the occasional craft shows…go to them! Annie’s Gourmet was my first real introduction to gourmet olive oils, and I was hooked. Infused with garlic, herbs, lemon…enough varieties for everyone. I have found that any dish is infinitely better by adding their Sweet Italian Basil with Roasted Garlic Olive Oil. Though I’m really enjoying my Mexican blend of herbs olive oil too! Annie’s has great prices, and small bottle options, perfect for trying a variety. image

What is your favorite flavored vinegar recipe?

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