Shop Small 2013

A 365 day challenge

Day 20: Second thoughts

Maybe it’s my OCD kicking in, but I’m still thinking about dinner from Burrito Parriila Mexicana.

Believe me, I am well aware that a $47 for dinner for four is not an affordable dinner for many families. And, as I said yesterday, I had a bit of sticker shock at the total as well.

Really, though, shouldn’t we have more sticker shock at 99 cent hamburgers?

There is something wrong when it’s acceptable that a candy bar costs less than an apple.

When I was a kid, eating out was a treat. Now, families eat in a restaurant 4-5 times per week.

There’s no denying that obesity is an issue for our nation. So, is it really better when a family of four can get a “counter-service” dinner for under $15, but they do so 3-4 times a week? That is no longer a treat, but a nutritional nightmare.

It’s the never-ending quality vs. quantity debate.

Maybe if we stopped accepting chain restaurant fat-laden, sky-high sodium, mass-produced “deals,” we’d realize that fresh, real food is the better-deal.

I think it’s time our “convenience” restaurants are encouraged to provide quality food. Even if it’s initially a bit more out of the wallet, we’ll still save in our waistline and in future health care.

I’d much rather have a grilled skirt steak taco (on a homemade tortilla) for $2.39 than an 99 cent hamburger made from… who really knows what it’s made from.

Thoughts? Should “fast food” equal cheap? Would you choose an apple over candy bar if the prices were reversed?


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