Shop Small 2013

A 365 day challenge

Day 18: Ready to declutter?

Got kids?

Yes? Then I’m guessing you have stacks of clothes and toys they’ve outgrown.

What to do with all of the Stuff?!

Sure, a garage sale always sounds like a great idea, but they are a ton of work & “helpers” seem to disappear quickly.

We pass down what we can to friends and family, and we give to Salvation Army too. But sometimes you just want to sell some items.

I’ve been to kids’ resale stores like Once Upon A Child, but the one closest to my house is dirty and they basically give you 30 cents for the $30 jacket. No thanks.

Thankfully, we have a fabulous new consignment store in our “downtown.”  Off the Rack  is less than a year old, and owner Jennifer, has a hit on her hands. Her store is filled with great clothes sizes infant-16. She’s selective about quality (don’t even try to bring in clothes with rips or tears) and you’ll find great brands too. One benefit of being short- I scored a pair of Mini-Boden sweatpants for $8- for myself!


Occasionally you’ll find books, toys, and room decor, but they go quick. Follow her Facebook page for new items that have recently hit the store.

Jennifer is friendly and helpful, and usually one of her adorable kids is in the shop too. Slight word of warning, though. Grandma (?) also helps out at the store. She is knowledgeable about inventory, but- let’s just say customer service is not her forte.

Want to drop off a pile or two of clothes? Give Off the Rack a call…soon! I had to wait several weeks for my appointment this week!

Know of other great resale/consignment shops for kids? I’m revisiting my favorite women’s consignment shop next week.


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