Shop Small 2013

A 365 day challenge

Day 17: Meet Lola & Gigi!

UPDATE (8-3-13):I’m am terribly sad to say, Lola’s has closed. I am sad to see them go, they were one of my favorite finds. On the bright side, Gigi’s is fabulous & just celebrated another anniversary! Tons of adorable clothes & shoes!


Continuing with my adventure from yesterday…

Following Tammy’s (owner of Blackbird’s Barkery) advice, I went around the corner to check out a new store, Lola and it’s neighbor Gigi.

My wallet is seriously grateful that I was in a bit of a time crunch by the time I met these two!

Lola is an eclectic mix of fun. Wine, cookbooks, kid’s gifts, kitchy novelties, and even a few vintage finds. It doesn’t feel scattered in the least, and the displays are fantastic. It’s one of the few stores where you can actually buy the cool display pieces too (I’m betting many of them originally came from Vintage. I found a really cute book holder image– the book is from the library but it’s definitely something you’d find at Lola’s. Her website is more like a blog, so the link is to her Facebook page- also because her profile picture cracks me up!

Feel like taking a gander at some cool clothes? You don’t even have to go outside- Lola’s connects right to Gigi’s! When I walked in, Gigi’s looked like most trendy boutiques. They had a fantastic display of jeans and sweater jackets/cardigan(?) (I’m so not hip & cool, don’t even know what these are called!) that I was fully expecting a sticker-shock $120 price tag; I got a shock, it was $34! I really wish I would have had more time to try things on, but I did manage to get one very cool top that alone may be worth the drive. I’m calling it the Sisterhood of the traveling tank. When I asked if these really soft, made in the USA (bonus!) tank tops run true to size, she told me they’re one size fits all. Seriously?! They come in a ton of colors, as well as long sleeve & three-quarter sleeve. It is crazy comfortable and if I can ever manage to stop wearing it, I’m going to have my 11-year-old daughter try it too. I’m also trying to get my friend who has- ahem- a little more going on upstairs than I do to try it on. I’m testing this one size fits all theory! They change their inventory frequently (except for the tank I bought). No website, but her Facebook page shows pictures of new items.

This definitely won’t be my last drive out to Morris this year. Next visit, though, I’ll go when I have a bit more time to wander into more stores…and linger in others!

What’s your favorite Main Street, USA “downtown”?


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10 thoughts on “Day 17: Meet Lola & Gigi!

  1. Michele Boroughf on said:

    For me it would have to be the shops on “Armitage” in Chicago. Just ask my sister about her favorite place to peruse shoes. None other than “Lori’s Shoes”. My fav spot is Vosges Chocolate Boutique. Home made chocolates. Milk Chocolate & Grey Sea Salt, and my other Fav Mo’s Bacon Bar. That perfect blend of salty & sweet. And lastly, Tabula Tua. An awesome place for some beautiful home goods & earthenware. But don’t expect any bargains here. But the chocolate is a must.

  2. Michele Boroughf on said:

    Not far by city standards. You can hop on the “L” at Western & Lincoln and get off at the Amitage Stop. But not close enough to walk. One is Lincoln Square and the Other is Lincoln Park.

  3. I think I better just make a whole weekend of it & have a girls weekend in the city to hit all of your top spots!

  4. Michele Boroughf on said:

    Sounds like a good plan. Enjoy your exploring! If you want something a little closer to home? Try Cocoon in Geneva. Main Street. Rt 38 (Roosevelt Rd). & Third Street. Downtown Geneva has some pretty cute shops. Just west of the Fox River along Main Street. As you can see, I’m well traveled 😉

  5. I am ‘Lola’ (thats what my friends call me, and you are definately now a friend!) and I own Lola’s, the store featured above in your blog post.

    1. Thanks for visiting the store!
    2. Thanks for making a purchase too! (Your silver cookbook stand looks fab!)

    We just posted a reciprical link from our blog:

    Again, Thanks!!!
    Stacey (aka Lola)

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