Shop Small 2013

A 365 day challenge

Day 13- So disappointed…

Had a nice start to my Sunday…brunch with mom.  No, it wasn’t at an indie restaurant, but remember my theory- if someone is kind enough to make me a meal (or take me for one) I’m certainly not going to complain!

I enjoyed some solo mom/daughter time- and some delicious crab legs!  Thanks mom!

On my way home I wanted to pick up some lunch meat for school lunches.  There’s a cute little deli, Ellie’s deli, between our houses that I always liked.  Though I couldn’t always understand the Polish man who owned it, he was always friendly and always got my kids to try something new. A bag of amazing potato/cheese pierogies from their freezer would make its way into are basket too. Today when I arrived, new owners. I guess I haven’t been there as recently as I thought- new owners have been there at least 3 months. While it still looks relatively the same, the charm is gone. Instead of pierogies, the freezer is stocked with On-core frozen meals. And while the new owner’s son was very nice, I really didn’t want to see his “belted” jeans half-way down his ass. Something tells me, come next summer, there won’t be a bunch of kids on bikes enjoying an ice cream treat in front of the deli anymore.

A disappointing change.

Another reason why it’s important to support our favorite small businesses…more frequently.


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