Shop Small 2013

A 365 day challenge

Day 12: My top 3

Right now it’s the calm before the storm.

My son’s hockey season is over, baseball season is just kicking off. My daughter’sswim team season is down to its final 6 weeks. Once baseball is in full swing (no pun intended!), our weekends are packed.

I sincerely enjoy rare lazy weekends of no games, no meets, just a couple of hours practice.

Aside from another visit to the library, today was pretty low-key.

I had some great small business experiences this week, so I’ll recap my favorite 3 businesses of the week.

1- Door to Door Organics: When I wrote about Door to Door on Wednesday, I loved the convenience of local, organic food delivered right to my door. Now that we’ve eaten a bunch of the food, I’m even more hooked. Cara Cara oranges are a favorite in our house; there’s only a small window during the year that they’re available. The Cara Cara’s from Door to Door were juicy and delicious, and the same price I saw advertised in a large chain grocery ad. The 100% organic grass fed ground beef was sourced from a farm in Wisconsin: $12 made 7 burgers. Without french onion dip, I’m not a fan of potato chips. They would never be my go-to snack choice. That was until I tried Boulder Canyon All-Natural (gluten-free) Potato Chips. Goodnight, Gracie. Lets just say these chips didn’t make it to the kid’s school lunches.

2- Little Popcorn Shop– 90 years of popcorn making can’t be wrong! The whole shop is only as wide as the front door and is a favorite of kids and adults. Pick your favorite “penny” candies from the rows of jars on the wall, and grab a bag of popcorn! Expect a line, but don’t worry, it moves quick. No website, but you’ll find it under the red awning at 111 1/4 Front Street, Wheaton, IL 60187

3- Blackberry Market– How could I not mention the place that created the best blueberry muffin ever?! Blackberry Market is still in its early stages, they haven’t even had a grand opening yet. But, locals are already treating it like a well-treasured gem. Looking forward to trying more off the menu, if I can make it past the bakery! Take-out dinner is in the works, and I’m hoping the “market” part grows a bit more.

I know one reader decided to try Door to Door for its small-boxed produce options. Which ones did you try?


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