Shop Small 2013

A 365 day challenge

Day 7

If you’ve ever had Get More Organized or Plan Ahead as goals, this shop small challenge is for you. This is taking some serious planning!

Since the kids went back to school today, I tackled cleaning my whole house. Rarely is the whole house clean at once, so I feel a ridiculous (if not slightly pathetic) amount of satisfaction.

But, during the process I noticed many of my cleaning supplies are running low. I’m definitely a purist when it comes to cleaning: vinegar, tea tree oil, and Bon Ami do the trick for pretty much everything. But, even those items are running low (probably should have stocked up before the New Year!). I know Bon Ami is 89 cents at Target. But, that’s not an option. Where am I going to find it- hopefully for close to the same price? Hmmm.

Dinner ended up being “Tapas.” 4 giant scallops, 1/2 a bag of edemame, bacon & swiss dip (leftover bacon from Sunday morning), and gnocchi. Basically a “leftover” and “what the hell is in the freezer.” So, it’s not only cleaning basics but freezer essentials that need to be replenished.

My wallet had a reprieve today (sort of), my only purchase was gas. Per day 1, it’s an exception to the shop small rule since we have no independent gas stations. I avoid BP at all costs- so it was Shell.

Waiting for an exciting delivery- hope it comes tomorrow & it’s as cool as I think it will be so I can share!


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