Shop Small 2013

A 365 day challenge

Day 6

So this last day of winter break led us to a little family fun & me finding a very cool indie online store.

Apparently we weren’t the only family that decided on bowling today. We hit the local Pioneer Lanes for three games. It’s not fancy: they manually lift gutter bumpers, no fancy lights, but at $1 a game the place was packed ($1 beers probably helped too!).

I may be a little late to the game since I’m finally catching up on old magazines, but I found an article in December 2012 Entrepreneur about Fashioning Change. Californian, Adriana Herrera, started her site to help shoppers find eco-friendly alternatives to their favorite styles. Essentially, you answer a few questions: style preferences, average amount spent on given articles/accessories, personality traits, then it gives you alternative choices that are made by eco-conscious companies or independent designers/artists. The suggestions were spot-on with choices I would select. There’s even a “Wear This, Not That” page that compares chain store outfit (Banana Republic, Anthropologie, Ralph Lauren, etc.) with a comparable eco-aware designer. You’ll be amazed how they match up. I ordered an organic-cotton blouse that was under $30 ($8 shipping), can’t wait for it to arrive. Next step, finding local stores carrying these amazing indie brands.

Looking for suggestions: My 11-year-old needs some new clothes. Commiserating with parents of girls her same age, the selections are slim. Where are you shopping for daughters who can already wear your shoes and tops? They’ve outgrown “kids clothes” but aren’t ready for high school “teen apparel”. Most boutiques are too grown up, or too little girl, for this age group. Ideas?


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