Shop Small 2013

A 365 day challenge

Day 3…

It isn’t often that I get one-on-one time with either of my kids. So, when it does happen, they tend to get a little spoiled.

Since my son was at hockey camp all day, my daughter had me to herself.

I promised at the start of winter break that she could get her ears double pierced. Today was the big day.

For the past couple days I searched for an independent store that does piercings, our local tatoo shop was the only option. My 11-year-old vehemently opposed. I offered to get another tat if she said yes, but even that wouldn’t persuade her.

Merle Norman it was. Did I break my shop small pledge already? Maybe? We did have to buy their earrings (they refused to use the ones she brought), but we didn’t buy any of the “special gifts” the sales lady tried to upsell. I think we made up for local shopping the rest of the day.

Time for lunch. Her choice? Sushi. We hit our favorite, Wild Tuna. Love that the owner, Susan, greeted us by name and asked where my son was. She could have placed our order for us: Godzilla & Snow Mountain maki, but I think she believes one day we’ll actually try something different. A little pricy for lunch, but so delicious, and a fabulous special mom/daughter lunch (though my son is going to be crazy jealous!).

Next stop, our town meat market, Tischlers. I’m not a big red meat eater, but needed a few dinner options & lunch meat/cheese for the start-up of school. Their pork chops are always delicious (2 are big enough for the four of us) and I like their commitment to quality, local- antibiotic and hormone-free meats. Deli meat & cheese was a little more expensive than our regular grocery store- but I bought a little less than I normally would- confident we’ll have less waste. Side note, their slogan cracks me up: Friends don’t let friends buy grocery store meat!

Next stop (and next door to the meat market) is my favorite produce shop: Peter Rubi’s. Unfortunately we don’t have year round farmers markets & I can’t go in my back yard for an avocado or orange, Peter Ruby’s is the next best thing. I love their wooden crate displays, old-fashion market feel, and amazingly fresh produce. Every item states where it’s from (many from midwest) and their prices are incredible. The owner, Brandon, is only 24 but incredibly knowledgeable & helpful with suggestions. Must be from working at farmstands as a teenager!

Although today was a relatively expensive day, I still think we did pretty well. Between the dairy delivery yesterday, and meat & produce markets today- I spent less than $100 on (hopefully) a weeks worth of groceries. I feel really good about what I bought & am even happier that even shopping with a kid in tow the only extras that went into my cart were a few additional apples and “love juice” (a blend of beets, carrots, & apples)- I think she was drawn to the color & name, fine with me!


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