Shop Small 2013

A 365 day challenge

Day 2

Of course every catalog known to man came in the mail today.

Stores I never even shop at: Pottery Barn, Crate & Barrel, West Elm all made their way into my mailbox. Suddenly I felt like I needed a new lamp shaped like a crazy spotlight.

Day 2 and I have already figured out that I will quickly determine needs from wants. Maybe this will all help with my “get organized” goal too, life will definitely take some planning.

Small Shopping today-

Oberweis milk delivery. We’ve used their delivery for almost a year now. I love it, and truly believe it saves us money. The times I ended up at Target because I ran out of milk, I ended up spending another $15-$20 on crap I didn’t need (more if the kids were with!). $2.50 delivery charge well worth it.

I really want new bedding though. Anyone have recommendations for an organic cotton duvet? Etsy?


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