Shop Small 2013

A 365 day challenge

Day 1

Several years ago I challenged myself to avoid buying anything made in China.

My kids were small (5 & 6) and news of toxins in toys and plates was prevalent. My challenge lasted 6 months until my son needed a new skateboarding helmet & one made in the States was nowhere to be found. So, safety won. And, I started shopping at Target again (I’m still dumbfounded that the majority of their products are made in China).

That experience eventually led to me opening my own company.

As a small business owner, I’m increasingly aware of our need to support the small mom & pop shops, especially in a town surrounded by chain restaurants & big box stores. So, I’ve created a new challenge for myself- 1 year of shopping small.

No more running out to Target for forgotten tape, kids are starving- no more Subway, I’m in need of a coffee fix- sorry Starbucks- not this year.

There are a few exceptions, though…

1- Gas. If you’ve heard of a non-chain gas station- let me know!
2- Contact Solution. I’m one of the few people in the world who still wears gas permeable contacts- I’m lucky anywhere I can find it!
3- Invites. If someone is kind enough to take me to dinner, I certainly won’t dictate the plans.
4- Trader Joes. No produce, deli, meat, or seafood- just occasional basics.
5- My husband. Considering I do 90% of the household shopping, and it is my challenge, I’ll ignore what he picks up for himself.

So, we’ll see how this challenge goes. We’ll see if shopping small in the suburbs can last a full year, rather than just one day in November. I’ll keep you posted on great small stores I find, let me know your favorites too.

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